5 Keys to Happiness

Am I really happy?

That is a question that we often ask ourselves, our response relies on our personal life goals and our accomplishments. However, some people simply lay back and believe that happiness will come to them someday, this usually happens to people that have not set goals for themselves. These individuals without personal goals are waiting for happiness to come alone or waiting for it to come in the form of money, love, or work. They do not realize that time passes quickly, and that being happy is simply a decision of life that they must take individually. That is why today we give you 5 keys that can lead you to achieve happiness.

  1. Take the decision to be happy:  This is a decision of life that no one is going to take for you. One you do this, assume a positive attitude that will help you obtain whatever you want in life. Have positive thoughts, since this will allow you to obtain a satisfactory outcome, also make an effort to interact with people that have the same attitude. A good way of looking at life involves improving stress levels and handling issues properly.
  2. Be grateful and value what you have:  The more grateful you are the more, the more receiving you will be. Being grateful will make you feel calmer and emotionally stable. No matter how difficult some situations may be, you will always have something to be thankful for, either family, great health, your job, frienships, or simply for the happy moments that you had during the day.
  3. Help those in need:     This does not solely rely on their economic status, although if you can provide this kind of assistance then it would be highly appreciated by those individuals. Other ways of helping those in need can be by providing good advice, visiting people of the third age that have been abandoned, or providing moral support for someone who needs it. This attitude will not only provide you with satisfaction but also to the person receiving it.
  4. Discover the importance of living in the present:    Don’t wait for days to go by just waiting for something unexpectedly that will make you happy, waiting for the future will generate a high level of anxiety that will not allow you to enjoy the small things in life. A moment wasted can turn into a memorable moment if you give it the right amount of importance, in order to live you must enjoy the present and forget about the past mistakes. Control your thoughts and focus on living each day.
  5. Learn to forgive: Once you learn to forgive those who have caused you harm, you will be free of hatred and resentment; it will stop you from suffering and you can focus on being happy instead. It does not solely rely on forgiving others but also forgiving yourself, and stop feeling guilty for situations that happened at some point of time in your life.
“Dr. Amit Sood is one of the most important and relevant figures in the Mayo Clinic, one of the largest medical centers in the United States.” In his view, happiness is a habit. Some people have more happiness to embrace but everyone has a chance to reach that point. “Sood believes that approximately half of our happiness depends on our everyday decisions, and if you focus on being happy you will end up being it.”

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These steps do not guarantee absolute happiness but if you apply them in your life you can have a good start to finding happiness and living better.