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Who We Are

Premier Consumer Credit Counseling® started as an all community based all volunteer effort in the city of Hialeah, Florida in the year of 1997.


Our local community was, and still is in great need of education in home finances. Through our free seminars, our face-to-face counseling, our radio seminars and our advising we have made a significant impact in hundreds of families who have come to our help for their consumer credit education needs.

Even though our efforts continue to be based mainly on our local community, a community of great needs and expectations, we have also learned throughout this time to make a positive impact in families and people from the entire United States of America, who regularly have come to us and contacted us with their home finances education needs and issues.





At Premier Consumer Credit Counseling®, we have successfully integrated people from different backgrounds and fields, to become an entity with the true identity of helping you become debt free, stay debt free, and more importantly, to become financially educated.

…helping you become debt free, stay debt free, and more importantly, to become financially educated.

Our directors, employees and volunteers come from the Education field, computer and industrial engineering, and business administration fields.

We Are Proud

We are proud to be an American organization that helps people from many different backgrounds.

We are proud to be committed to you to help you get on the road to your financial freedom, and we will do whatever it takes to help you.

We respect and protect your privacy and provide you with our privacy policy.

We protect you by encrypting any information you send us, and by testing this website daily to meet the highest published government standards of security.


In addition, we have partnered with the Industrial engineering department at Florida International University to perform an all volunteer student team project. This project has helped us obtained an assessment of our company; it has helped us establish non-existing procedures, and also improve our current procedures. This ongoing project will also help us in the future to further improve our organization operations.

A great part of our activities are sponsored by creditors, in their effort to help our communities, and the activities we do have been designed with the purpose of educating you in home finances and offering a variety of financial literacy programs to get you on the road to your financial freedom.


What We Will Not Do

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