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How to start your Year Debt-Free

January tends to be one of the hardest month financially speaking. Most people spent most of their money during the holiday season and family get-togethers. Dinners, travels, contributions, gifts and clothing are highly seen around December.

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As people spent their money on December, January almost always ends up as a completely limited month budget-wise. Premier Consumer Credit Counseling will help you out without the need to use your credit cards or ask for loans to pay for your children school, uniforms, books and other expenses and responsibilities that we have every year beginning:

  • Ask your friends, family and other acquaintances if their kids are in the same school as yours, you could inherit  books and other supplies that may save you lots of money.

Ask your friends, family and other acquaintances if their kids are in the same school as yours, you could inherit  books and other supplies that may save you lots of money.

  • Remember to use all your food coupons available. Every time you are out on the supermarket check for prices and discounts you can get and try to stick to those products. Another highly effective choice is to buy the supermarket’s own products; most big market chains offer all basic products made by themselves. These are very high-quality and sold at a lower price than other positioned brands.
  • Cook your food at home. The restaurant days are gone with December and the spending days are gone with them. It’s time to cook at home now. Home-cook is not only healthier in most aspects but overall cheaper; plus, you get more meals out of each trip to the store and can plan ahead a healthy menu.
  • January has big sales up on the windows. While that may be a temptation, remember that you don’t need everything you want. Everything that is not urgent can wait a little longer.
  • January is still “High Season”, this is a term used by airlines to separate the dates according to the frequency people quote for trips, the higher the season, the more expensive. If you need to travel, check the price for different dates and compare so you can travel on the low season if possible. If you absolutely need to travel in January, try to look for your ticket months in advance so the price is as low as it can be.
  • If you are travelling but are doing so in a personal vehicle, you can make some sandwiches and carry them with you. Remember to pack your food properly and cook them the day they will be eaten. Try to travel places where you know some people that could let you stay in their house. This may be awkward for some but when you lose your shame and ask can end up having the best of times with these friends. Also, if you open the door to your own house back home to visitors them and others will be more willing to do the same for you. If the destination is friendly on this matter, camping is always a great idea.
  • Try shopping at dollar stores. You will be suprised how discounted stores can help you keep a budget!
  • Kids at college? You can try shopping for used books online.

Being a little create can go a long way!

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