Freelancing: How It Works And Why You Should Do It.

There are hundreds of thousands of opportunities in the world. It is up to you if you want to take them or not. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the Internet is another place where we can see this phenomenon.

At Premier Consumer, we want to help you improve your life and financial status, for that we think this article is going to be a great read, read closely as this can open the doors for a new way of living and a new source of income for your future financial independence.

Let’s start with the internet. That wonderful place where you can find everything you need. That infinite place filled with information just a click away. Still, most people do not take the best out of it. Such a powerful tool is being misused. So, are you one of those people? Probably, that is the reason you are reading this article. Keep Reading, we can show you how it works so you can be a part of it.

We all know the internet, how it works and why do we use it, although everyone uses it for different things. To communicate with people, to look for information, entertainment, books, magazines, movies, social media, etc. But what about working? Is there a way to work on the internet and make some money? There is! It is called freelancing.

“Is there a way to work on the internet and make some money? There is! It is called freelancing”.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a term that means acting independently without the help of others. When applied successfully, it’s a wonderful way to work. No bosses, just you and what you decide to do with your time and talent, and your clients of course.

Where can I Freelance?

There are many jobs in freelancing: writing, managing social media, accounting, translations, programming, graphic design, services support, language lessons over Skype, kids that need help with their homework and go to certain sites to hire some help, etc. For this reason, hundreds of pages opened business, to help you contact people that need work done in the areas of your expertise.

This is serious. It is true that you can make money on the internet without even having to get up from your bed. We picked the best pages and most popular ones for you and here they are:,,,,,,,,, and

With these pages you can find specific jobs in whatever that you are good at. And it is also as easy as setting up an account like you would do on Facebook or Twitter and get started. Do the work or project you choose, that could either be on an hourly or fixed price, and get paid; full disclosure.

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How Do I get Paid?

Payments depend on each page’s policies. Most of the times will you get paid on the website and then you choose where to transfer the money. There are many options to choose from; the most used one is Paypal, a free virtual bank on the internet. There are others, of course. But we can recommend Paypal above others because of its excellent customer support and ease of use.

How can I Start?

Well, the first step if following your passions, looking to do something you would enjoy. What you enjoy doing above everything else. What is it? Let us imagine is writing. You are a writer that needs some money to pay the bills, right? Well, you go into or any other page you like best, and create an account. Look for the job that you want using keywords that match the job description. In this case it could be: writing, writing gigs, copywriting, book writing, article writing, etc. You find a job that fits you and you apply for it.

What Should I say in my application?

That is up to you and your personality, but the most important thing is to be yourself. To show respect, good communication skills and talent as you would do on any other interview for a job. Remember that even when you are working on the internet and you are technically as independent and free as never before, you still need to be professional to achieve great results, and you can never miss a deadline.

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How much can you make on the internet?

That is completely up to you as well. There are people that even live on what they make online and can maintain their whole families with that. Other people use it as a second income while still maintaining their day jobs. So yes, it is completely up to you but if I were you, I would use it like those people that live freely and depend only on that internet income. They travel, have time for their families and friends and get to do what they like. You could be one of them too. The more organized you are the easier it will be to accomplish bigger results and expand your workload.

The Freelance Industry Evolution

Freelance has been adopted as the way to work for over 53 million people in the United States, which means 34% of the national workforce. Generating an annual revenue of over 900 billion US dollars. Day by day, people are leaving their full-time jobs to dedicate themselves to their own freelance career and their clients.

As for the amount of work available, surveys reveal that over 40% of the participants have a bigger workload than past years and the 77% thinks that the best freelance days are yet to come.  That’s what we call a growing industry.

The respect for the industry has also gone bigger and as time goes on its now acceptable to say “I’m a freelancer”, and raise the respect and interest of the person you are talking with, who most likely happens to be interested now in your way of living.

We hope this helps and that you find you way into the infinite freelance woods, we can promise it will be worth it.