How To Return Something You Bought Online?

Online shopping is a wonderful thing. Can you imagine going to a mall without actually leaving home? That is what buying online is like. There are countless items available and most of the renowned brands now give the opportunity for their customers to purchase their products via internet.

However, some peopleremain reluctant to engage in online shopping because of fear of the unknown. They believe that the purchase will be a purchase without an option to returnsince it was bought online and there is no physical store to do so. Nothing could be further from the case.Sites such as and are among the most famous online stores available right now. They are the leaders in online shopping right now with millions of products on sale. From household appliances to clothes, games, and electronics the possibilities are endless. And being the kind of business they are, Amazon and eBay care a great deal about the quality of their products.

Most sellers have to comply with a very strict code of conduct and ensure the companies that their product are of top notch quality, even sellers that offer second-hand items. These sellers depend highly on reviews to ensure future customers that their product are worth each penny.

“Some people remain reluctant to engage in online shopping because of fear of the unknown. They believe that since it was bought online the purchase is final as there is no store to take it back to”

But what happens when a product fails to meet your expectations? Maybe you bought an article of clothing and it turns out that the size you bought is actually too big or too small, perhaps you bought a smartphone or a tablet and they do not work properly. What can you do on these cases? You can return them.

The process could not be any simpler. Let us use as example a shirt you bought that is not your size. Whether you selected the wrong size by accident or you got the wrong one you can always return and exchange it. Surely some conditions may apply depending on the website, but most of them are quite user-friendly. If you bought the shirt on Amazon the first thing you should do is heading to the Online Return Center section of their website. It is very easy to find and you can also Google it go reach it directly.

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The instructions are very simple, the first thing to do is select the item you wish to return, download, fill and print a return label. Depending on the type of product it will be eligible for a refund, replacement, or exchange. Remember always checking these policies before you buy anything! Also keep in mind that within Amazon there are some third party sellers with their own policies. In some cases you will have to contact them through Amazon in order to submit a return request, the seller will review this and then issue a refund or a replacement. This process should not take longer than two business days. If you do not receive an answer by that time, then you should contact Amazon directly and tell them about your problem and they will do everything in their power to help you out.

Once you have your return label and filed the online return request you will have to ship the item back to the seller. All the information required for the shipment will be supplied by Amazon. Pack your product in a secure and proper fashion. If you no longer have the original box, then use a sturdy box and remember to fill it with packing bubbles or newspaper to protect the content. Attach your return label to the package and ship it off back to the seller. If you want to return more than one product Amazon recommends to send them individually each with their own return label instead of putting them all together in a single package to avoid problems.

The cost of the shipping will depend on whether the error was made by Amazon, a third-party seller, or you. If it was Amazon’s error then they will take care of all the fees that come with the return shipping. If it was a seller’s error, then it depends on their policies, most of the time they will take care of those fees. And if it was your error then the fees will have to be paid by you and will be deducted from your refund.

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After the item has been shipped and received by Amazon or the seller, the refund or exchange order will be issued, and you should receive your money back in the same method you used to pay initially,otherwise you will get a new product in a few days.

The process is very similar with eBay. The main difference is that most sellers on eBay are third-parties that use eBay as a platform to sell their products. This means that for most of the cases you will have to contact the seller directly whenever you need to return an order. But eBay will always have your back during this process and will provide you with help throughout the process. The same way you do it with Amazon, you need to submit a return request, eBay will provide a return label.They also recommend attaching photos in case you received a broken product. The rest of the process is the same, print the return label, pack the item and attach the label and send it back and wait for your refund or exchange to be issued.

Another thing that you should look out for when buying things online is the warranty.Most sellers offer some kind of assurance that their product will be as advertised. Make sure that the things you buy come with some kind of guarantee and save it when you receive your items, that way you always have something to fall back on when your product is not what you expected.

Just like Amazon and eBay, most online stores, regardless of their brand have the option to return anything that is bought from them. What you always need to do is check them, read their return policies before buying and you should be good to go. So have no fear and remember that buying online is just as safe as going to a physical store.