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Outside Resources

Outside Resources

The following are outside resources we are providing for your convenience.

Career Development:

Higher Education Resources:
Florida International University .
Phone 305.348.2000


Credit Bureaus and credit score resources:
Equifax Information Services LLC
P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta , GA 30374
or call

To obtain your credit score:

How to obtain a credit report:

Equifax Information Services LLC
PO Box 105167
Atlanta , GA 30348
or call 1-877-SCORE-11 or visit

Post Office Box 2000
Chester , PA 19022

Order online and get immediate access to your report and score.
Order a Experian credit report by phone: 888 397 3742
Or visit

To report ID theft on Experian :
Contact by phone: 888 397 3742

Information on Consumer Credit Statistics:
The Federal Reserve

The following is a resource where you can download and install antivirus and anti spy ware software. Some are free, others are free to try, and others are to be purchased.

To get information about Fair Credit Reporting Act and ID theft:
The Federal Trade Commission:

Information on Encryption:

Consumer Information Services:




Moving Resources:

Mental Health Counseling:

Marriage Counseling:

Life Coaching:

Substance abuse:

The actual Specialty Consumer Reports are as follows and 
this is how you can obtain yours:

Medical Reports

Medical Information Bureau: 1-800-627-3487

Tentant Reports

SafeRent: 1-888-333-2413

Check Writing Reports

1-800-428-9623 Shared Check Authorization Network:
1-800-262-7771 TeleCheck: 1-800-209-8186

Credit Card Act of 2009