Overcoming Obstacles Through Commitment and Persistence

To get anything worthwhile, a good deal of commitment is necessary. Even marriages today are flimsy,  with half ending in divorce. Few people are prepared to make a long lasting commitment to a marital relationship for fear of becoming the biggest loser. Unfortunately, that hesitancy dooms any marriage before the vows are taken at the altar. No marriage can survive long when suspicion and fear are uppermost on the minds of both partners.

What many people don’t comprehend is that life always presents obstacles and it is the effort taken to overcome those obstacles that gives life meaning. Quick fix solutions only mask the problem but don’t eliminate it. Unfortunately, for many, if a solution can’t be found easily, they abandon hope of resolving the problem and sweep it away from their minds until the problem returns larger than before. The inability to cope is what drives many people to find solace in alcohol, food and drugs.

It’s those who have learned to discipline themselves to expect problems who cope better. Despite the economic climate, they continue to prosper. Commitment and persistence are two keys successful people use to overcome problems and thrive by them. They don’t see obstacles, they see opportunity within the obstacle. They see ways to turn problems to their advantage.

No problem is so difficult that a solution cannot be found. If you find yourself faced with a difficult choice there are ways to find a way through, over or around them. While a sickness or accident can’t be resolved, there is something good that can come from it. It’s procrastination and ignoring the problem that makes it more painful than it should be.

It’s taking action that prevents fear, worry and anxiety from overwhelming you. Commitment to a goal or anything worthwhile is the purpose of life. But to be able to cope you need to realize several things:

First, you must understand your own value and accept yourself for who you are. Dreaming about a future and worrying about the past will never solve today’s problems. You are just as important as anyone else on the planet, whether rich or poor and you have something to contribute to the world.

Everyone has an idea of who they want to be and where they want to go with their lives. Drifting is a sure sign that living has stopped. Catching a vision and realizing that it can be achieved is the next step to an happier and more fulfilling life.

We all have skills and abilities that are unique to us. No one else has them in the same level of magnitude. Using them to achieve a worthwhile goal is what makes life exciting. Languishing with negative thoughts won’t make reaching for any goal possible.

No one ever lives alone. Commitment and persistence, while important, will only take you so far. For success to happen, it must be reached through the combined efforts of many other people who supplement and add to the skills you don’t possess. It adds to your self-worth as a human being. In the same way, your energy and talents enforces and supports those areas where the people you associate with are weak in.

Once the groundwork has been established and you see clearly what it takes to reach your objective, life becomes easier. The fire of enthusiasm translates into the joy of achievement with commitment and persistence riding along.

There simply is no better feeling that the knowledge that any problem, any obstacle can be conquered and that life itself has value to the one who approaches it with the right kind of commitment.