Strategies To Laugh More

Did you know that laughter frees you from stress? When you laugh you do not only receive a benefit for your mind and emotions but also, it allows you to free yourself from depression, worries and stress. Your mood improves considerably; this is one of the reasons that a practice called “Laughter Therapy” has been taking place. It is a technique applied with the purpose of improving the wellbeing of each person.

Trough “Laughter Therapy you can relax your muscles and release any type of tension, you can decrease your blood pressure and even burn a few calories and also learn to see the positive side of life. You can also learn to laugh even in the hardest situations; this can help you to find easier solutions to problems.

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“In the decade of the 70’s Patch Adams made a thousand children laugh in the United States, with excellent results. He believed that laughter could cure or at least relieve their sicknesses and it did. Some decades have gone by already and Patch Adams’ ideas are still being used.

Organizations like “Clowns without Frontiers” have been formed. They travel the world making the people who need it the most, laugh, people who have gone through tragedies or have terminal diseases; today more than ever, when people have hardened their expressions and seem to have left their joy living very far behind.

Sigmund Freud himself acknowledged the benefits provided by laughter, since he granted them the power of liberating the organism of negative energy. Sometime later, this would be proved when it was discovered that the cerebral cortex frees negative electrical impulses after starting to laugh. 

When you laugh you release all that negative energy that has reached your life as well as other harmful feelings, laughing improves your self-esteem and activates highly surprising mechanisms for your wellbeing. It also allows you to maintain a psychological balance.

Aim to be around ´people with a good sense of humor, this positive energy will rub off and make you want to laugh and enjoy the small moments, including those that do not seem  funny. You can discover this internal positive vibe as well as the intention of laughing and of enjoying different situations. When you start to feel the benefits that laughing brings to your life, it will surely be very natural to do it often.

You will be able to easily broaden your social circle; when you laugh and project a positive attitude you will attract people that are seeking to feel the same as well as sharing moments of plenitude and happiness. There is no nicer thing than being able to have the support of people that bring joy to your life and that enjoy your company. You will be an example to all and will be able to demonstrate that laughter is a benefit that will help you feel and live better.

You will be able to lead a more pleasurable life if you laugh often, do not worry by those who may think that you laugh heartily; remember that we are not all alike and what may make you laugh may not make others laugh. However, it is important that you see this tool as a benefit. You have the control of your life and can choose laughter to feel well.