The Six Laws of Self-Fulfillment

There are rules that can help build character. Once those rules are obeyed, anyone can feel the joy of  accomplishment and a life free from worry and filled with value and meaning.

The Rule of Learning

Life always presents problems as well as opportunity. It’s the only way anyone can grow. The ability to learn from books and from mistakes is what develops character. Looking for the easy way and the  quick fixes do not teach any core values. The first step is to realize that something must be learned from every encounter, every problem and every success. The willingness to learn is what leads to growth and self-fulfillment.

The Law of Practice

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. It requires a great deal of practice. It takes time to build a character that people trust and admire. Practice is necessary to honing any skill in life, whether that is playing the piano or getting a college education.

The Law of Sacrifice

Any endeavor requires some sacrifice. Something must always be given up if achievement is to be assured. The questions is how important is the goal that requires sacrifice? Many people are not willing to give up ease and comfort to take up a challenge that can lead them to a far better and more prosperous future.

The Law of Time

Any achievement of a goal requires a good deal of time to accomplish. The purpose of living is to learn. And everyone has 24 hours in a day to use it effectively to advance their careers. There are no overnight successes. Many famous names we hear about in the media took many years to establish themselves through a great deal of time and effort. For as long as anyone draws breath, they have the time to develop self discipline and self-fulfillment.

The Law of Talents and Abilities

Everyone possesses talents and abilities that no one else possesses in the same level. If those skills are not mastered, life is wasted. Developing talents is not totally selfish as they are meant to be used to enhance the life of others. Talents are there to be developed.

The Law of Excellence

Successful people demand a high level of performance from themselves. Striving for excellence is something few people are prepared to do today. They prefer a life of ease and comfort. A lavish lifestyle can never be appreciated unless it took a great deal of effort to reach it.

There is no better joy in knowing that what was accomplished was well worth the effort to reach it. There is no better feeling than knowing that the effort has helped others realize their dreams. And those qualities are so desperately needed in today’s society.

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