Yoga: Source of Equilibrium

If you are a yoga practitioner, you have probably noticed all benefits that yoga gives you. Maybe, after practicing yoga you sleep better, feel happier, and are more focused in your goals. Those changes are caused by yoga. With just 30 to 90 minutes practice, you and your body will feel better and relax.

At Premier Consumer, we believe that personal well-being is the first step towards a fulfilled life, for that we recommend you the Yoga practice; which has help many people improve their mental and physical condition

Modern yoga is characterized by some asanas (postures) and the sequence of these postures connected by movements known as “breathing system”; the connection of breaths and movement. The five basic principles of modern yoga were created by Swami Sivananda, these are: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.

“Yoga is more than reaching many postures and improvement of flexibility; yoga is a source of physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium”.

We should be conscious that yoga is more than reaching many postures and improvement of flexibility; yoga is a source of physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium very important to those who practice it. This ancient activity teaches us to control our minds and senses as it transforms our lifestyles.

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Can yoga help us discover our bodies?

Yes, yoga allows you to get to know your body and your capacities better. At the beginning, yoga can be hard for a person of course, but after some months or years you will get to do most yoga poses. The word ‘yoga’ itself means ‘union’ and ‘union with the divine’. For that reason, Shiva said that yoga is “When the individual soul and the cosmic soul come together, the unity between our heart and the cosmic heart, the unity between oneself and the other”. This also includes the unity with your body because there are asanas which work specific parts of your body.

There are poses to work a determinate part of your body such as: poses for your abs and core, your ankles, your back, brain, chakras, heart, neck, spine, etc. Moreover, in yoga exists poses that relieve aches and pains because each pose has a determine objective.

The impact of yoga on personal and professional life

Most of us do not take care about the real importance of the breathing, maybe because people think that it is automatic, right? Yes, but a proper breathing is very important to our body and organism. Our body is composed of cells, each ones requires the energy created by the proper breathing.

Yoga teachers explain in their classes the importance of proper breathing in our life. Thanks to breathing exercises we can control nervousness and anxiety. It also has other benefits such as: improves the blood flow, rejuvenates the skin, improves the health of the nervous system, relaxes our minds, bodies and more.

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As mentioned earlier, the proper breathing is your first key to practice yoga. Yoga also provides other benefits such as:

Increases your self-esteem.

Yoga practices allow you to know your body and find new capacities that you did not know about you and even develop new ones. This fact increases your self-esteem giving you the opportunity to accept yourself as you are. Yoga also supplies new ways to appreciate the world and create positive energy for positive changes into your life.

Improves your memory

According to atlhotyoga, “Studies have found that regular yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores”. By reducing mental stress and physical tension people can have better control about their thoughts and responsibilities.

Also, Gary – Kraftsow, director of the American Viniyoga Institute and author of Yoga for Wellness says “When you integrate breath and movement and other exercises, such as chanting, the mind becomes more focused and clear, the emotions become more balanced, and neuromuscular functioning is improved.”

Makes you sleep better.  If you learn to live a better lifestyle, you will be more successful in every aspect of life, including the financial one. This will make you feel more serene and peaceful as well as you will get a deeper sleep because you will feel better thanks to the powers of yoga and meditation. Additionally, when your mind is quiet, your body will be in peace too. Some of practices to control insomnia are: restorative asana, yoga nidra (a form of guided relaxation), Savasana, pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation encourage pratyahara.

Yoga motivates people to work harder. Yoga has important benefits for life. For that reason people have been suggesting to adapt the yoga practice as a corporate benefit. Actually, lots of major companies do have yoga lessons for their members, and the people who took the classes were proved to be more productive, calmed and motivated. Besides, relaxation inspires creativity; leading to good ideas and better decisions.

In conclusion, the yoga practice is an excellent activity for a lot of people. Thishelps to achieve a more positive outlook. In fact, a positive attitude can change your whole day. Yoga can give you the equilibrium and energy that you need in your life. For that reason, people should practice yoga and take advantages about all benefits that yoga gives them.

You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.