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How We Can Help You

Premier Consumer Credit Counseling® integrates our financial literacy and debt management programs to help you get on the road to your financial freedom.

Financial Literacy

We offer you free seminars, in person counseling, and continued support for your consumer credit education needs. We offer you advice on many issues such as the following:

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Establishing a budget

Group 9

Helping you decide on buying or renting a home

Group 10

Helping you understand the importance of maintaining a good credit rating

Group 13

Understanding important financial terms

Group 12

Helping you avoid bankruptcy

Group 11

Helping you avoid high interest credit card debt, and debt in general

Please visit our Request Free Analysis to contact us regarding these issues.

Please visit our Attending Free Seminars section for more information.

Our debt management program can help you when you are having difficulties organizing and meeting your financial obligations.

We believe that a successful debt management program cannot be accomplished without one of our certified credit counselors assessing your specific situation. This way we can help you establish not only a debt management program that is good for you and your family, but also help you establish different strategies to further improve your financial life.

Our program can help you:

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Daily credit monitoring offers insight when changes are made to your credit report profile. When your report is delivered, check it thoroughly for inaccuracies and a team of U.S.-based customer service professionals will assist you with your questions if anything looks suspicious. Regular credit checks combined with the power of credit monitoring empowers you to see changes and act quickly if something unexpected happens.

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