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We appreciate the time that you are taking to visit Premier Consumer Credit Counseling® Website.

In our commitment to fulfilling our mission and vision statements, we have created this website, in hopes that it will become a one place source of useful consumer credit education for our local community and the entire country.

Please read our mission and vision statement, as they are the pillar from which we base our organization activities and procedures.


Premier Consumer Credit Counseling® is committed to providing debt management and consumer credit counseling advice to our community, with the purpose of establishing good financial strategies for families and individuals, to help them become debt free and financially educated.

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Premier Consumer Credit strives to be a leader in financial education, and to further expand its services to other communities around the nation.

We hope you visit us frequently as we update our website regularly, and we would love to receive input from you, in terms of what you liked the best, and what you would like to have presented to you in the future.

We leave you with an invitation to explore the rest of the website, and to contact us for any of your consumer credit counseling needs.

Yours truly,

The Board of Directors,
Miami, Florida.