¡Enjoy the Reading and Learning places Offered by Public Libraries!

The internet has become an indispensable tool for searching information and content related to different topics, this would generate the belief that Public Libraries were part of the past, however, the well-known poll agency Gallup confirmed that visiting the library It is “the most common cultural activity in which Americans participate.” In 2019, the visits of adults to libraries were greater than participating in other leisure activities such as going to the cinema, museums or the zoo. Clearly, despite being in a digital and electronic age, libraries continue to be important places because of the wide variety of services that they currently offer.

The services available in the libraries may vary depending on the location, however, gathering study and work material is easy thanks to the trained staff who provide guidance on each visit, as well as other services offered such as English classes, which become an essential part for visitors to entertain themselves with books, magazines, films, and with the variety of cultural activities that are organized monthly.

If you still do not know which the closest library is and what services they offer, you can consult the public libraries in the United States through the internet, enter your State and follow the link that will take you to obtain the information  http://www.lib-web.org/united-states/public-libraries/, for now In general terms, we will tell you what you will find:

• Professional librarians: These specialists have had to adapt to the modern era due to technological advances and the transformation that their environment and professional performance have undergone. Today, you will find consultants in libraries, with the necessary knowledge to give training courses and design computer systems with the ability to carry out advanced searches on the internet and offer you excellent support in what you need.

The Special Libraries Association, which is the international professional association for library and information for professionals working in business, government, legal, financial, non-profit and academic organizations and institutions, confirms that today’s librarians and documentarists are no longer limited to finding and collecting data instead they utilize more what technology offers, hence, increasing their knowledge to create their own content that is useful to the recipient.

• Educational activities for all ages: Another service that you will find in libraries now is related to classes on systems for the elderly, offering them the opportunity to learn to use computers and their technological tools. Likewise, children can access reading classes or interactive games that allow them to learn in an easier and more fun way.

• Programs to learn English: Among the services that you can find in libraries is the possibility of accessing free classes to learn English, in case the library does not have face-toface classes, you will be able to access their computer equipment and take the free classes offered by the Government online, just access this link: https://www.usalearns.org/

• Borrow audiobooks and electronic books: The request of books does not only correspond to traditional paper books, nowadays you can request an audio book that you can listen to from the comfort of your home, or you can request an electronic book without the need of going to the library, this can be done with the number assigned by the library.

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The next step will be for you to identify the closest library to where you live so you can start enjoying the benefits of public libraries.