How To Find Your Dream Job

Are you among the people whose new year’s resolution is to finally find the job of your dreams? If you are, we have some recommendations for you.

The first step is to be clear and sure that the job you are going after is, in fact, the job of your dreams. Are you really passionate about this? Lots of people pursue jobs that they think will make them money, ending up with either a place to do what they love, nor money. Focus on what you really moves you, then you will be good at it and people will look for your help in that area.

Define what you love to do the most: Your profession might allow you to perform on different areas. However, be sure to choose the specific area that inspires you and start looking for that, and that only. Especially if you are looking to work for a company. If this is the case, write down a list of the companies you’d like to work for and what motivates you to apply over there. Then, look for someone who works or might know some who works over there who can queue you in, if you don’t, find your own way. Call the HR department, visit their website to see where you can apply for a job, look for the people you want in LinkedIn by job title, whatever you can think of… it’s up to you to find the job!

Keep in mind that if you decide to start your quest via internet and apply only for published offers it will be difficult to stand out among all the applicants going after the same jobs, plus these processes take longer times. When applying for a job, try to stand out by doing something others won’t. Research deeper, try harder, call a different number.

Human beings tend to dedicate most of their time to work. It’s hard to face the last years of your life with some remorse from not doing what you wanted to do or made you happier, that’s the reason we need to define our goals.

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Keep in mind that to look for work in the United States, you can increase your chances by accessing the CareerOneStop website sponsored by the Department of Labor of that country. On this page you will find tips on how to look for work in an effective way, apply to available vacancies and even give you some tips for job interviews.

Remember that you also have the possibility of looking for work in the Federal Government, in this site you indicate the type of work, salary and availability. This will make it easier for you to identify if it is the job you want for your life.

Working for someone else or a company is not the only option. Not at all. You can always work for yourself and be your own boss. If the entrepreneurial road is the one you see as your best fit, go for it! Identify your strengths and make them work in your favor.

In order to get, and most importantly, keep the job of your dreams, remember to give your best effort every day. Excellence is a not an act, is a habit that requires commitment.

  “Give your best effort every day. Excellence is a not an act, is a habit that requires commitment.”

Try to work out and eat as healthy as possible, a healthy mind works better in a healthy body, it helps you stay more positive and achieve faster personal and professional success.

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Surround yourself with the right people. There is always someone looking for what you have to offer and something you can offer to someone who isn’t even looking, even some people who can strategically partner with so your overall service is the best. Sometimes, other people experiences are a key factor for us to avoid making the same mistakes.

Build your personal brand and find the thing that makes YOU different. That’s the key to get the attention you’re looking for, now go get it!