Labor Day: The Celebration of Economic Achievements

Most of us work really hard every day for different purposes: to grow up as professionals, to help the company we work for maintain a good place in the market, to live and support our families and ourselves, or simply because that’s what we should do. Regardless of the purpose we work for; it is important for all of us to have a space in which people recognize and celebrate that effort given and hard work.

Back in 1894, as a result of a campaign created by the Knights of Labor, workers finally got a day to commemorate their work, Labor Day.

Every first Monday of September, Americans celebrate Labor Day, “a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the working population”, whom, in return, contributes to the strength, prosperity and stability of the country. Don’t you think is fair to have a day reserved to honor America’s workforce?

“Don’t you think is fair to have a day reserved to honor America’s workforce?”

For most of the working population, Labor Day means just the end of summer and the last long weekend on vacation before starting our regular activities as usual; nevertheless, the US government has a different way to celebrate this day. Due to the historical background of this holiday, many states make a huge parade leaded by officials, industrialists, educators, clerics, and all kind of professional workers to commemorate the achievements of those who provide the country with such economic freedom. Of course, after the big closure, workers and families can enjoy of a festival that brings on a lot of special activities for each member of the family.

On the other hand, certain amount of workers sees this labor day as an opportunity to shop at an incredible low price. Many big brands of shops also come together to this celebration dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the working population by stablishing up to 70% off in a great variety of products, pushing the Americans’ need to save money.

As we all know, economic stability is really important for all citizens, who sometimes rather buy products at second hand stores or maybe only on discount days such as labor day to save some cash. Walmart and Amazon, for example, are two of the most important stores offering holiday discounts, and two of the most frequented shops by Americans; they offer discounts in different departments such as clothing, technological devices, home cleaning products, among others; these helps us to save money on the products we need.

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Another way to save money and have fun at the same time is through the huge variety of discounts that the entertainment and tourism institutions offer on Labor Day weekend. A lot of hotel chains considerably decrease the prices of their rooms in order to make them affordable for the regular workers; even for those who work at the operative levels.

So, not only do we have a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the working population, but also we have the opportunity to celebrate it big time next to the people we love the most.

Labor day, nonetheless, is not only an invitation to celebrate how lucky you are to have a job or all the goals you have achieved for yourself, your family, company or country; it is also an invitation to maintain high quality in the work we do.

History signals that the work union used to fight for the right to have a work schedule that allowed them to both work and have a fulfilling personal life. When they finally got it, the production of these companies considerably decreased to a 30% less than the prior production. Workers had to find a way to produce the same or more than they used to in less time; and that hasn’t been easy job; until now, having only 6 daily hours of work is just not enough for a person to give its 110%.

American workers nowadays not only to accomplish the production stablished or determined for a given company, but exceed the expectations and go above and beyond on the estimated production.

Worker’s amazing job contributes to the economic stability that characterizes the United States, so they deserve this day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the working population, and more. Being a worker means not only contributing to your country’s economic development but to earn and manage your own status and conditions, as your paycheck allows you to live longer and better.

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To sum up, we can say that Labor Day is the holiday in which we celebrate workers and economy contributors; we also celebrate our own personal financial freedom and the status we earned with our daily sweat. Congratulations to all of you workers in these upcoming Labor Day! Enjoy and keep on burning the midnight oil and building a better country!