5 Steps To Gain Strength From Mistakes

“Everybody makes mistakes” has become a very popular phrase amongst friends, relatives and other groups whenever someone takes a foul. Although it is difficult to forgive someone when he or she has made an error, it is even harder to forgive yourself if you are the one who did it.

Disappointing others and yourself is a very difficult moment to deal with, and it might easily break your spirit, make you lose motivation and even cause a halt in your life projects. It is very important to know how to thrive from the situations in which you have fallen, to push forward and get back on your feet. Doing that is as true as the fact that you will fall again someday.

“The important thing to reach success is that a mistake should be committed once; a mistake made twice is more painful and will increasingly become harder to deal with, the more it is repeated”

Many brilliant people have talked about their follies. There is a chance that the way they have handled these has been a key point to their success. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of our history, said that someone who has never made a mistake is someone who has never tried anything new. This could mean that errors are a way to rehearse in order to achieve a new goal.

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J.K. Rowling, author of big-famed Harry Potter books and one of the richest people in the United Kingdom said that being rather cleverer tan most men, her mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger. The higher you fly, the harder you will fall. But fear not, you will not fall in the same place or in the same way.

Even Bill Gates, businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and co-founder of the company that developed Microsoft, has mentioned that the mistakes that have brought unhappy customers to his Company are the largest source of learning.

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Taking what all these people have to say about the mistakes in their lives, Premier Consumer is delighted to present 5 easy steps to become stronger after making an error:

  1. We all make mistakes: It is inevitable. At some point, you will make a mistake.  There is not one single person in the world that is mistake-free. Take that into consideration and change the way you perceive your mistakes. Do not allow yourself to see your own error as a tragedy of astronomical proportions, an error is an error and even a genius can make a few mistakes.
  2. Take accountability: In every process, the most important thing is to identify the situation. You cannot overcome your failures unless you take responsibility for them. This will also prevent future mishaps from happening since you can be aware of this error and use it as precedent. Knowing and understanding one’s limitations can also decrease the risk of making a mistake in the future.
  3. Find solutions: It is okay to feel shame and regret after having made a mistake. There will always be time window to absorb what happened, but it is important to start thinking what can you do to amend this situation. Avoid being stuck. Errors are meant to shape the future, not to stop it. Do not let and error define who you are, you can always be better.
  4. Experience is a set of learned lessons: Having experience indicates that you have made enough mistakes to know tell the difference between right and wrong about a specific subject. At some point, the wisest was an apprentice. The important thing to reach success is that a mistake should be committed once; a mistake made twice is more painful and will increasingly become harder to deal with, the more it is repeated. Learning is the ultimate goal of making mistakes.
  5. Everything will be fine: It may seem like it won’t but trust that it will. The mistake you have made today can be a funny anecdote in a family reunion in a few years. A mistake is not the end of the world. A bad day does not mean that every day will be a bad day, and making a mistake certainly does not make you a bad person. Remember that the brightest and happy counterpart of this moment will irrefutably come soon.