Easy Steps To Report A Missing Or Stolen Credit Card

What an annoying feeling it is when you lose something, especially when that object can be used by someone else and get you into trouble. Do you have a credit card? Have you ever lost it? Has it been stolen by someone else? Losing a credit card not only is dangerous because you will be facing the threat of identity theft, but also irritating because it can cost you money and no one enjoys that.

“Time means money”

In this article, we are going to give you easy steps to follow in the case, you found yourself in this awful situation. Here is everything you need to know:

  1. Know what a credit card is used for and the consequences of doing so.
  2. You have to keep, somewhere you consider safe ,everything related to your bank account and credit cards.
  3. Before you follow the next step, make sure you don’t actually have your credit card somewhere around the house, car, office, wallet or purse.
  4. Now, if you ever found yourself with a missing or stolen card, the first thing you need to do is to keep calm and call your credit card company as soon as possible. If you report your missing credit card before someone uses it, you won’t have to pay anything. However, if you report it after, you are going to be responsible for up to $50. Hence, we recommend you to look at your billing statements as frequently as you can, especially if you tend to lose your belongings, and in case of noticing something strange report it immediately.
  5. When you communicate to your credit card’s issuer, try to be as specific as possible. If you have any proof that your card has been stolen, show it to your creditor. Also, you have to point out when exactly, date and time, you started noticing gaps on your billing statements. There are different ways to talk to your card issuer, most of them are available 24/7, but if you are an Internet lover, then you can visit their web sites and report the situation online.  Below, you can find some numbers and extra information on this matter. Remember to report it as fast and detailed as possible.
  6. Do not despair! Be patient and wait. After you report that your credit card is lost or has been stolen, your creditor will evaluate and determine the steps to replace it. It shouldn’t take longer than five working days. The old card will no longer be associated with your account and this won’t damage your credit record.
  7. While you wait, make sure to verify your account and your newest credit card status frequently.

Credit And Credit Cards: Basic Concepts

Besides the steps mentioned before, you may also find interesting the fact that some banks offer other services that can be helpful. This is a list of the U. S. more popular banks and how to proceed when you lose your credit card:

  1. Bank of America: if your credit card is from this bank, then you should know they offer a non-liability service. They cancel your card and send you one immediately. You just have to sign in to Online Banking to report your lost or stolen credit card or call 800.732.9194 (outside the continental U.S. call 757.677.4701).
  2. Commerce Bank: if your credit card is from this bank, it may be helpful for you to know that they offer several fraud prevention tools:   -Call immediately 800.645.2103 to report your missing credit card. -Suspicious card activity alerts, for you to learn about discrepancies in your account as soon as possible.   -Zero-Liability benefit within 60 days from the moment you receive the first statement with unauthorized activity.
  3. U. S. Bank: if your credit card is from this bank, then consider that the also offer a Zero Fraud liability benefit, but only if you notify promptly, as we already established. You can call U. S. Bank Customer Service at 800.285.8585.
  4. Chase: if your credit card is from this bank, then you have to call immediately at 1-800-432-3117. They also offer a Security alerts’ service for your account, for you to prevent fraud.

Identity Theft: Damage Control

It is important for you to consider that losing your credit card to someone else’s hands can lead to the theft of your identity.

We know that losing one credit card can be a very irritating circumstance. As we imply before, time means money, thus we again remind you that you have to report the situation as soon as you realize your card is missing. We also recommend you to keep an agenda or make a list of all your account and credit card’s information, and all the numbers you may need to report your missing card. Verify your account as often as you can. But most of all, the very important part is not having to get through a situation like this, so what we actually recommend is for you to be careful enough to carry your credit card and personal information with yourself.