Five Tips to Live Better and Extend Your Life

Can I extend my life? Could I live better? You have the answer to these questions in your hands because it is up to you to lead a healthy life that lets you live longer. Take into account that it is not only about having a long life but also about being able to enjoy it with good health, energy and the necessary elements to lead a dignified old age.

Below we have some useful tips:

  1. Exercise: Spend some of your time engaged in a physical activity, remember that people that exercise have less possibilities of getting sick and will be able to live longer. It’s not only about looking well but also about feeling well and having a good mental health.  The work “How to live a hundred years” by  SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA states that “Exercise is a necessary food for a long life. Running is a good exercise for children and youngsters. A walk in the morning and in the afternoon is a good option for older people. A form of regular exercise is necessary.”
  2.  Sleep well: Resting and sleeping the necessary number of hours is necessary and essential so that you feel well and with the motivation of doing your daily activities. It is true that the American style of living is very agitated; however, if you expect to live a long life, it is important to rest 8 hours a day. “Complying with the necessary hours of sleep is fundamental to cultivate an optimal immunological system. In fact, a study from Carnegie Mellon University establishes that sleeping less than 7 hours a day can triple the possibilities of getting a cold. Moreover, The Mayo Clinic stated:
“While you sleep, the immunological system releases some proteins called cytokines that help promote sleep. Some of them have to increase their volume when there is an infection, inflammation or when under stress. The lack of sleep can decrease its production. Additionally, the antibodies and the cells that fight the infection decrease during the periods in which you do not sleep enough”

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3. Have a good sense of humor: Having a good sense of humor allows you to smile and have a positive attitude that will show in your approaches to life. Try to relate with happy people, if you do not have a good mood this can help you develop it and improve your mood.

4. Eat well: It is important to keep good eating habits and a balanced diet. Establish a regular time to eat, visit your nutritionist and identify which are the foods you must consume.   The renowned oncologist, David Agus, famous in the United States for having been Steve Jobs’ doctor, published a book with his recommendations to live a long life.  A Long Life (‘A short guide to a long life’), amongst others suggests “Consume at least three servings a week of cold water fish (salmon, trout, hake, sardines…). Have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. It does not matter if the fruit is frozen: in fact it’s better than fresh fruit in many cases.

5. Visit your Doctor regularly: It is important not to neglect your health and not to wait to have any class of symptoms of any kind to visit your doctor,  you can have regular checkups to verify that your health is in good conditions and to avoid having problems over time.

6. If you put into use the practices and tips that we gave you, you will possibly enjoy your life for more years and set an example to the people around you so that they can live and feel better.