How to Find a Low Cost Home

Coronavirus has not only affected the health of many individuals in the world, it has also become one of the main causes of economic difficulties that currently occur in American homes, where they seek to minimize monthly expenses to better manage their finances. Therefore, renting a low-cost home may be a good option; here are some tips to make sound decisions if you are moving to a new house and how to find out if you are protected from evictions at this time of crisis.

If you rent an apartment and currently live there, check to see if your building has a Federal Government-backed mortgage because you won’t be evicted until the end of July 2020 due to a 120 day eviction extension, this applies to people who do not have the possibility to pay the rent, this extension began on March 27th. Likewise, you will not be charged with fines for not having made the payments during the period mentioned above.

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In the event that the mortgage on the building is not insured by the Federal Government, you can consult with your State about the protection methods that have been defined to avoid evictions at this time of pandemic, you can find information related to this topic in the following links: and

On the other hand, if you are in search of affordable housing, we will be providing you some tips in this article to do so. Please note that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is in charge of providing programs aimed at serving the low-income population, including the elderly and people with disabilities.

The Government, through public housing agencies, executes programs at the local level in which they use federal funds to support eligible people, this is done by working as a team with the owners of the buildings, with the sole objective of subsidizing people who need it.

Another option to have access to a low-cost home is to apply at the rental office mentioning that you want to be taken into account due to low income, this is because the Government gives money to some owners so that they can provide apartments for rent at affordable prices, however, you must meet some requirements that will be analyzed at the time of the application.

You may also apply for a housing voucher, either an election voucher or a public housing voucher. In the case of the election vouchers, you are responsible for finding the place where you will live and the Government will pay the owner monthly, the value corresponding to the voucher that has been granted to you, in this way, you should only pay the difference. If it is public housing, you should do it through the local agency that will analyze your annual income to offer you what fits your budget.

If you want to access the aforementioned programs, you must meet a series of requirements, among which are:

• A family, an elderly or disabled person.
• Be within the income limits of the program.
• Being a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen.

There are usually many people applying to these programs, so the waiting time can be long, however, you can start your process by contacting the local public housing agency, completing the form they will give you and providing the additional requested documents.