How to save money on Black Friday

Black Friday is held every year, and it’s a day that has become famous in the United States due to the great discounts offered by most of the shops, to introduce the holiday shopping season. As a tradition, this day is celebrated every year the day after thanksgiving.

This festivity took place in 1977 in the United States, however, over the years other countries adopted this tradition. On Black Friday, you can go to many establishments and shop on-site, but if you don’t live in the US or you prefer staying at home that day, you can shop online. The importance of this day is to benefit from the discounts, for example, by buying gifts for Christmas, you can save money and give them away on Christmas Eve as usual.

We advise you to start saving money so you can buy everything you need or want on Black Friday, in which you will spend less money than a regular day for the same products.

We advise you to start saving money so you can buy everything you need or want on Black Friday, in which you will spend less money than a regular day for the same products.

Start following all your favorite brands on social media and, before the date, they will probably publish all the discounts they are going to apply on their products; also, join their web pages so you can receive their newsletter with all the information about that day. This way, you can know beforehand the things you’ll buy on November and plan ahead your shopping day.

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If you are planning on going to a physical store, don’t forget to go really early, because people start lining up early in the morning outside the gates, or even the night before, waiting for them to open. The establishments that usually get more traffic of people are technology and electronics stores, where people can buy cellphones, televisions, computers, etc.

Where to buy on Black Friday?

If you are shopping online, Amazon is one of the sites that offers the most discounts, if you need to buy clothes or household items you can go to Macy’s; other stores that offer big discounts are Abercrombie & Fitch, GAP, Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret. If you are looking for technology and electronic devices you can visit Best Buy or B&H. On that day, most of the establishments participate on the discount frenzy and offer great prices.

In addition to the Black Friday, the Cyber Monday was also created to offer discounts and promotions; it is only for online shopping and it’s celebrated the Monday after thanksgiving.