Improve your quality of life using NLP techniques

Is there anything better than using efficient tools to achieve your goals? There are many techniques people can use to improve their mental and physical health and/or personal growth and success. It may seem hard to believe, but they actually work. These tools are called “Neuro Linguistic Programing Techniques”, and individuals use them to improve their quality of life.

NLP techniques focus on the self-knowledge of the human being. The objective is to identify their goals in order to achieve them.

NLP techniques focus on the self-knowledge of the human being. The objective is to identify their goals in order to achieve them.

What does NLP mean? The letter “P” stands for “Programing”, which refers to the intention of the human being to program its behavior, mind and thoughts towards something. The letter “N” stands for “Neuro”, which alongside programing, means that the behavioral processes are bound to a neurological procedure. The letter “L” stands for “Linguistic”, which united with programing and neuro, demonstrates that any behavior produced by a neurological process is conveyed through language using verbal and non-verbal communication.

Thus, these techniques pursue the comprehension of the internal processes of the human being, which will result in a high level of self-confidence that, according to this model, is essential to achieve your goals. It also seeks to improve the skills of a person to communicate with others.

The usage of these techniques is increasing in certain work fields, such as leadership for managing positions, staff that work on sales and interpersonal relations, companies that are looking to improve their organizational climate, among others.

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If you are interested in conquering your fears, overcoming obstacles or stepping out of your comfort zone, you can start up by using the following NLP techniques:

  1. Establishing Rapport: This technique mainly focuses on generating synergy between people while interacting. It helps both parts to listen to each other in order to avoid misunderstandings, and enables communication to flow properly.
  2. Swish Pattern: This technique is based on replacing and unfavorable emotion with a useful one. You need to picture an unpleasant situation, as if you had a television screen in front of you, and behind it you need to picture a pleasant situation in which you feel really comfortable. After visualizing that, you need to replace the unpleasant situation by bringing forward the pleasant image; envision that all you can see is the positive situation. The objective of this technique is to help you replace and overcome negative situations.
  3. Language patterns: This technique allows others to believe they are given a choice, but the truth is that you are deciding for them. For example: Should we eat or have lunch? The person you are asking will believe he or she has a choice, but you already made the decision to eat with that person.

These are only 3 of the techniques developed from the NLP model, but there are many more you can use to your benefit depending on your needs.