Is It Time to Re-invent Yourself?

Stuck with a negative self-image, a boring job you hate, or a comfort eating habit that could help you to win any eating contest? If you’ve been getting into the doldrums lately and find yourself lacking motivation or the drive to succeed, it is definitely time to take a good look at yourself. Re-inventing yourself can give you the energy and excitement to face life again with a positive approach.

Although, you might not realise it, you have probably already re-invented yourself several times in your lifetime. Each new job represents such a significant change in your life that you can become like a whole new person. Getting married, divorced, having children, or seeing your children leave your family home are all life-altering times and significant changes. However, there are times when you need to give yourself a boost without making completely life-altering changes. 

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Here are six ways to gain peace and re-invent yourself right now. Break free of the doldrums and get excited about your life.

1 – Answer the Question: “Who am I?”

Every individual plays many different roles and one person could be: a mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a grandmother, a wife, an aunt, an employee, a manager, a friend, and a lover to many different people in one day. Consider each of these relationships as it can help you to answer the question, “Who am I?”. This question goes deeper than the surface relationships and roles we play. At a spiritual level, answering the question, “Who am I?” can lead to a greater sense of peace and a joy in ourselves.

2 – Fulfil a Dream

Everyone has unfulfilled dreams. Now could be the perfect time to reinvent yourself by fulfilling a dream. Have you always wanted to learn to fly a plane? Book that first flying lesson today. Have you always wanted to write a novel? Start typing your manuscript. Whatever your dream is, fulfilling a dream can give you a great sense of satisfaction and joy in your life. Think about what’s really stopping you from fulfilling your own dreams and then work out ways to conquer your fears and fulfil at least one dream this year.

3 – Start a New Hobby

If you can’t leave a job you hate right now, especially in the current economic climate, you can reinvent yourself happier by starting a new hobby. Give yourself time out each day to enjoy your new hobby, even if it is just half an hour. If you don’t want to start a new hobby, consider taking an on-line course in a subject you are interested in. The new skills could lead you to undreamed of opportunities in the future and in the meantime, you are doing something positive that you enjoy.

4 – Get a New Wardrobe

Nothing says a new you like new clothes. Before you go shopping, go through your wardrobe and sort out what pieces you want to keep. Look at the style of clothes you currently have and think about what message your wardrobe says to people you meet. Now think about what message you want to say. When you go shopping, try new styles and different colours. Sometimes, wearing a splash of colour can brighten your day and make you feel special. Be willing to try a different look and see if you can reinvent yourself out of the doldrums.

5 – Get a New Hairstyle

This is an easy way to reinvent yourself. A new hairstyle gives you instant confidence and a boost to your self-esteem, especially as everyone you meet will comment on your new look. Talk to your hairdresser and see what styles would suit your face.

6 – Set New Goals

You do not have to wait until New Year’s Day to set yourself a new goal. Think of something you really want to achieve and then give yourself the steps and resources to meet your new goal. Setting monthly goals helps you to focus on something positive every day and allows you to celebrate many successes throughout the year. Each month, give yourself a treat if you have reached the month’s goal.

It is easy to reinvent yourself as a happier, more confident, and successful person. A new look, a new hairstyle, and new goals can help you reach your dreams.