Learning About E-Banking

A few years ago, the only image that may come to your mind when you thought about a bank was a solemn building where money remains safe thanks to a transparent management of data and information. While having a bank account is the start of a financial life, the services that this institution offered at the moment were nothing but the regular banking credit procedures. And this is what happened until the technology advanced in the 90’s when the banking started broadening its services to new businesses models.

It was not until the beginning of the century that Elizabeth Daniel in 1999 introduces on an article written for the International Journal of Bank Marketing the term “e-banking”, referring to the provision of products and services that makes a bank to its customers through the use of the Internet. On 2004, the e-banking emerged as the fastest growing internet activity in the United States, being used by 44% of web users, according to Pew Internet and American Life organization.

“E-banking provides an added value in its services: efficiency”.

But as is often the case, novelty is also associated with doubts and controversy, and technological level is no exception. Certainly, when talking about managing our money, we also need to take into consideration the particulars: Internet access at the rural areas is not optimum, since we must have an active broadband internet connection to carry out all the operations without connection failures, this can be a disadvantage in such cases. Also, the management of our financial data via online can be a risky move for some people. If we think of all the cases of images, videos, documents, etc. that have been leaked on the network, the question that arises: Is my financial statement information safe?

The answer to the question above is “yes”. Although the leak of information on the net is a reality in many cases, as the philosopher Hermann Keyserling once said “generalize is always wrong”, especially in this occasion because when we talk about a bank, security and transparency are values ​​that identify these institutions. Actually, E-banking provides an added value in its services: efficiency.

So, if you are careful with the information you share on the Internet, you can just enjoy the benefits that e-banking has to offer. Especially by reading the terms and conditions of privacy that leads you agree to provide information, guaranteeing that the page is responsible for the protection of your data. But what all these benefits after all? Well, we can summarize them in three points as follow:

1. Comfort: Just the fact of not having to go out of home or your workplace to go to the bank –which may seem tedious to many people– is such a great comfort. You don’t need to wait behind a long line for be attended so you can really save some time. All of this 24 hours a day!

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2. Successful Management: You aren’t exposed to make mistakes in your bank operations via the Internet, because current e-banking systems are designed to guide you while you run your transactions. No matter if you forget or don’t know how to use e-banking, it works like an instructive too.

3. A world of possibilities: The Internet can be used any time at any moment, and it doesn’t take a genius to use it. In the 21st century, the cyber world become part of your days, and e-banking allows you to manage your money with a tool just as wide as the web.

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All in all, e-banking gave birth to e-commerce. Whether you are buying or selling services, objects, music or even food; the truth is that having a bank account will allow you to expand your business and finances with just one click. E-banking provides efficiency and value to your banking services, and also improves your business. It represents economic expansion not only for dedicated and large companies or for stores, it also represents economic expansion for you. So we invite you to learn about the online services offered by the bank of your choice and expand your finances.